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Commissioning a painting
There's nothing like having your own unique painting hanging on the wall. It might be your own aircraft, one you flew in the past, or simply one that you like.
  Commissioning an oil painting couldn't be easier: simply call me on 01359 251766 and talk through your requirements. Alternatively, you can email me at [email protected]
  Cost varies and may well be less than you think. It usually depends on the complexity of the background: an aircraft flying low over central London, for instance, will take longer to complete than one against a skyscape.
  To ensure accuracy you will need to supply reference photographs (as many as possible, from all angles) of the aircraft you want depicted. As well as the overall colour scheme, there are many details that differ from aircraft to aircraft: registration letterform, aerials, antennae, logos, stickers and so forth.
  Paintings are supplied as unframed canvases and posted in a custom-made wooden box. We use a very good framer, and if a frame is required we simply pass on the cost.
  Most clients choose either a 20" x 30" or 18" x 24" canvas. Much bigger, and it's difficult to find room hang it; much smaller and it becomes difficult to paint details.

Profile illustrations
Detailed and realistic computer-generated profile illustrations can be produced of any aircraft in any scheme. Graphics such as a title and details of the aircraft can be included if required. Artwork is usualy supplied at A4 size as a pdf or a jpeg for you to print yourself or have done professionally.
  As with an oil painting, reference photographs are required for an accurate representation.
  Please call 01359 251766 or email [email protected]  for details and cost.

Chipmunk print

Above: examples of an A4 profile print

Cessna 180

Example of 18" x 24" format: Cessna 180 over Perranporth, Private Collection.


Example of 20" x 30" format: Lightning T5 and F2, Private Collection.

Lightning Preservation Group

Above: example of an A3 profile print for the Lightning Preservation Group

Fox Whiskey

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